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A comparative study on the effect of two methods of self-care education (direct and indirect) on quality of life and physical problems of hemodialysis patients (38229 Views)
Evaluation of capsicum ointment application on Korean hand acupressure points KD2,K-K9 In reducing postoperative nausea and vomiting after cataract surgery with general anesthesia (36200 Views)
The evaluation of recombinant HBS.Ag vaccine immunity in vaccinated medical group and hospital personnel in Borujerd, 2004 (35630 Views)
Quantitive and qualititive study of dermatoglyphic patterns in bipolar disorder type1 in Khorasan Razavi (31910 Views)
A study of 97 digital replantations, type of surgery procedure and results in 15th Khordad hospital in Tehran (31070 Views)
Prevalence of Hepatitis C virus antibody and related risk factors among hemodialysis patients in Markazi province (2004) (30308 Views)
A comparative Study on women’s sexual functioning disorders before and after menopause (30258 Views)
Evaluating the effects of Prostatan as an adjunct drug in treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (29970 Views)
Effect of angiotensin II receptor type 1 antagonist on renal hemodynamic and tubular responses to ischemia-reperfusion injury in rat (29060 Views)
Effects of laryngeal mask airway comparing to tracheal tube on the recovery time (28830 Views)
The comparison of Dexamethasone and Metoclopramide effects on postoperative nausea and vomiting (28531 Views)
The effectiveness of Hydrochlorothiazide on preventing recurrent urinary tract infection in idiopathic hypercalciuric children (28229 Views)
The vibroacoustic stimulation test diagnostic value in predicting fetal distress (27762 Views)
Ultrastructural study of combined therapy effect of Losartan and Octreotide on inhibition of glomerular epithelial changes in uninephrectomized diabetic rats (27498 Views)
Designing a model of medical equipment management for Iranian hospitals, 2007 (27238 Views)
The effect of health education based on health belief model on preventive actions of smoking in grade one, middle school students (27136 Views)
Study of the extracellular trans zinc effect on passive avoidance learning in male Wistar rats (26750 Views)
The relationship between nutritional status of mothers in their third trimester and delivery of low birth weight infants (26590 Views)
Nature and structure of sources of suffering in family caregivers of hospitalized elderly patients (25956 Views)
The effect of clinical research center, on clinical researches of Arak University of medical science (25457 Views)
The effectiveness of Metoclopramide, Dexamethasone and Propofol in controlling intraoperative nausea and vomiting during spinal anesthesia for emergency cesarean section (25424 Views)
The effect of adding intravenous Metoclopramide to Pethidine for postoperative cesarean section pain (25214 Views)
The comparison of Shirazi Thymus Vulgaris and Mefenamic acid effects on primary dysmenorrhea (24985 Views)
Relationship between cervical dilatation and fetal descent in the first 2 hours of active labor with method of delivery in term nulliparous women (24876 Views)
Studying the sensitivity of tracheal and esophageal detector in correct intubation (24461 Views)
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The effect of Alhagi Pseudalhagi distillate on ureteral stone expulsion (24367 Downloads)
The effect of childbirth preparation classes on childbirth fear and normal delivery among primiparous women (22172 Downloads)
The effectiveness of oral capsule prepared from the inner layer of Hen's crop in treatment of urolithiasis (19576 Downloads)
Lymph-node involvement and tumor markers in patients with breast cancer (14887 Downloads)
The nature of brain death from the viewpoint of Quran and Hadith (14642 Downloads)
A comparative study on equity in access to health services in developed countries and designing a model for Iran (12679 Downloads)
The comparison between two treatment methods for H. pylori eradication with two-week sequential regimens (11843 Downloads)
Designing a model of medical equipment management for Iranian hospitals, 2007 (11112 Downloads)
Synthesis and Physicochemical Evaluation of Nanosized Lamivudine Loaded PEGylated Chitosan (10614 Downloads)
EEG Signals Processing for Diagnosis Petitmal (absence) and Grandmal Epilepsies Using Artificial Neural Network (10292 Downloads)
The Combined Effect of Regular Aerobic Exercise with Garlic Extract on Renal Apoptosis Regulatory Factors in Aged rats with Chronic Kidney Disease (9991 Downloads)
Designing a Performance Evaluation Model for Iranian Public Hospitals: Using the Balanced Scorecard (9505 Downloads)
Reliability and validity assessments for Najmie job satisfaction questionnaire (7639 Downloads)
The application of the new intelligent Adaptive Nero Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) in prediction of human papilloma virus oncogenicity potency (6819 Downloads)
Job satisfaction and its related factors among hospital staff in Arak in 2009 (6747 Downloads)
Improvement of PCR in detection of coliform in water pollution (6040 Downloads)
A Case Report on the Interaperitoneal Rupture of Liver Hydatid Cyst due to the Accident (5832 Downloads)
The relationship between self-esteem and sexual dysfunction and satisfaction in women (5740 Downloads)
Identification of the constituents of Achillea santolina essential oil and evaluation of the anti-microbial effects of its extract and essential oil (5630 Downloads)
Happiness, mental health, and their relationship among the students at Arak University of Medical Sciences in 2010 (5362 Downloads)
The comparison of topical nasal Mupirocin and single dose of oral Ciprofloxacin in treatment and reinfection of Staphylococcus Aureus carriers in personnel of Vali-e-asr hospital, Arak, 2004 (5320 Downloads)
The effect of medical equipment maintenance management system implementation on Valie–Asr hospital costs situated in Arak: 2006 (5205 Downloads)
Comparison of Biochemistry Values Obtained by Venipuncture and Saline Lock after Intermittent Administration of Fluids and drugs (5200 Downloads)
Comparing the effect of intermittent Diazepam and continuous Phenobarbital in prophylaxis of recurrence of febrile seizure (5198 Downloads)
Effect of Orem Self Care Model on ederies' quality of life in health care centers of Masjed Solaiman in 2007-2008 (5040 Downloads)
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